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With over 30 years experience serving commercial clients (from large national organizations to small, local companies) and individual homeowners, we have refined and developed advanced proprietary growing techniques, allowing us to produce the finest quality turf-grass available in the state. We are proud to be a trusted sod supplier in central Indiana, servicing Home Depot, Lowe’s, and more. We have also partnered with Brehob Nurseries to service wholesale customers.

It makes sense to only buy the best available product. Price is not everything; we believe that you get what you pay for when making your sod purchase. Before making a purchase decision from a sod farm, we recommend that you take a visit to see the grass and compare product quality. The cheapest grass on the market may be a result of substandard seed, little to no fertilizer or pest controls, and substandard weed control. Farms that do not have adequate irrigation systems or good farm ground struggle to produce healthy sod. The difference can be seen in the finished product. We know sod is a costly long-term investment, but by purchasing the best product, and with proper care and maintenance, it could last almost forever. You are welcome to visit our farm anytime during working hours.


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