Trimming the Grass


Have Questions? Here are others that have been commonly asked. Hope these can help!

What Types Of Sod Do You Have?

We grow 100% Kentucky Bluegrass sod from sod quality certified seed.

How Much Does A Roll Of Sod Cover?

Each Roll is 2 ft. x 5 ft. covering 10 square feet.

How Much Sod Is On A Pallet?

Each Pallet has 70 rolls totaling 700 square feet per pallet.

How Much Does A Roll Weigh?

A roll of sod typically weighs around 15-20 pounds depending on moisture content. Wet sod can range from 30-50 pounds.

How Thick Is The Dirt On The Roll?

There is usually around a quarter of an inch of dirt on the rolls.

Is There A Minimum Amount That I Can Order?

No, you can order any quantity of sod on a per roll basis (10 square foot increments). There is no additional cost for any quantity if you pick up directly from the farm. There may be additional delivery and/or install charges on orders of 3 pallets (2100 sq. ft.) of sod or less.

Are You Able To Deliver To My Address?

We deliver sod within 60 miles from the sod farm. We can deliver beyond the 60 mile range for an additional charge.

How Soon Can I Order And Get Delivery, Install, Or Pick Up From The Farm?

We typically are able to deliver sod the next day after ordering. Installations 2-3 days after ordering. Pick-ups can usually be done same day (call to confirm). During busy season (spring) timeframes may vary.

Is There A Guarantee Or Warranty With The Sod?

We guarantee that the sod is cut fresh each day and delivered fresh same day. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any warranty on the sod due to many factors that are our of our control beyond delivery or installation.

How Long Does A Sod Installation Take?

Sod installation depends on the size of the area. A typical installation takes a fews hours.

Are There Delivery Charges With My Order?

Additional delivery charges are applied only on orders with a quantity under 2100 sq. ft. (3 pallets).

Do You Come Pick Up The Empty Pallets; What Do I Do With Them When I Am Done?

We do not pick them up. To receive the pallet deposit back, bring the pallets back to the sod farm.

When Can I Get Sod?

You can normally get sod anytime of year depending on if we can harvest. We cannot harvest when ground is frozen or very wet.

When The Best Time To Of Year To Buy Sod?

Spring or Early Fall; temperatures are more moderate and allows for better growth and rooting. If buying in the summer make sure to water well.

Do You Offer Sod To Residential Customers?

Of course! We also can install and grade if needed.

How Do I Get A Quote?

Go to our quote page, fill out the form and someone will reach out to you and get you all set up! Unfortunately, we do not do onsite quotes but one of our skilled team members will reach out and get a relatively accurate estimate for you. (Note: estimates are as worded, price may change slightly upon completion of the work.)

What Is Included In Installation?

This covers delivery and laying the sod out. Additional costs are required for grading or tear out.

When Is The Sod Harvested?

Every morning! Weather Permitting

How Much Should I Water The Sod?

You should water immediately after installation and continue to water twice a day until ground beneath sod is wet. Watering is most effective in the morning or evening when temperatures are lower. (Note: Sod that is not getting enough water is prone to shrinking and causing gaps between the rolls where they're joined together.)

How Long Can Sod Stay On The Pallet?

We recommend laying the sod the same day. Sod may last 24 hours if kept out of the sun.

Should I Fertilize My Yard After Installation?

No, our sod is full of nutrients to keep it healthy. Adequate water will do!